Soothe Nourishing Moisture Lotion
Soothe Nourishing Moisture Lotion

Treatments to targeting chronic disease often result in increased skin sensitivity and dryness. We counter these effects with Skin loving Botanicals that soothe, nourish and restore balanced moisture to skin tone.

Soothe Moisture Lotion is formulated with Aloe and Lavender Distillates as well as Oat Proteins to calm inflammation and are further blended with soothing and restorative botanical oils:

Argan Oil: known for soothing extremely dry skin
Borage Seed Oil: known for anti-inflammatory effects
Macadamia Nut Oil: known for promoting skin elasticity
Calendula-infused Olive Oil: known for anti-inflammatory benefits
This lotion is unscented and suitable for any sensitive skin type, to be used from Scalp (bare scalp) to Toe. It has a consistency that is easily smoothed over the skin, not as thick as ‘Boost’.

8.50 oz in a recyclable pump

no parabens, no petroleum by-products, no phthalates

Crafted with the finest ingredients in small batches and with sincere wishes for Courage, Strength and Peace as you undergo treatment.