Pharmacist’s Daughter was created to address my own skincare needs from side effects related to treatment for Breast Cancer.  

Three days after my first chemotherapy infusion, I woke up to what was otherwise 'normal skin’, to red splotchy and dry cranky patches on my face and an allover burning sensation when I tried to shower.

Several trips to the local drugstore chain yielded a vanity full of product, but no relief for my inflamed skin.  

My Father is a retired Pharmacist. My Grandfather and Great Grandfathers were both Chemists, so it seemed natural to dip into my legacy and ask my Dad to teach me how to formulate.

The initial result was BOOST Nourishing Cream, created to soothe inflammation and immediately improve severe dry spots.  Unscented, I used it everywhere, including my bare scalp.

During this time I also became focused on the inherent benefits of high quality natural ingredients for anything I put in or on my body.  Not only did I research the best natural ingredients that targeted each skin concern through chemotherapy or radiation treatment - but I only selected those that were processed in a natural way with no animal testing.  This is how I know that each product is purely natural, safe to use and highly effective.

They say a rising tide lifts all ships.  Whether you’re looking for products to relieve your own skin distress or you're looking for something to comfort a loved one, let me put my experience towards helping you or them, feel better.

From Grandfather to Father to Daughter...

When you feel better,
Life is better.
Feel better,

Merilyn Konnerth 
Founder, Pharmacist’s Daughter
Two Time Cancer ‘Thriver’