4-PC Soothing Skincare Set
Treatments targeting chronic disease often result in increased skin sensitivity and dryness. We counter these effects with Skin loving Botanicals that soothe, nourish and restore balanced moisture to skin tone.

I am excited to offer this 4-piece set from the Skin in Treatment line:

Soothe, 2oz size
Boost, 2.4oz size
Solve, .55oz size
Heel Renew, .35oz size
When I was undergoing treatment, it was annoying to have to purchase a large size of a product, only to find out it didn’t work and then I had to figure out a way to get rid of it…

Not only are these great sizes to test the product from, but they travel well, too!

If you are looking here for a loved one, or dear friend, this makes the perfect set when you are looking for a little something to bring that person a small gift of ‘soothing comfort’.

All of the pieces in the set offer immediate soothing relief with the benefit of improving the condition of scalp and body.

‘Soothe’ is a wonderful allover skin calming moisturizing lotion; ‘Boost’ handles the areas that need a more concentrated approach; ‘Solve’ is there for cracked lips, dry cuticles, nails that are hanging on by a thread, burn blisters; and ‘Heel Renew’ is for dry cracked feet and rough patches.

**Please look at individual descriptions for more detail.

no parabens, no petroleum by-products, no phthalates

Crafted with the finest ingredients in small batches and with sincere wishes for Courage, Strength and Peace as you undergo treatment.

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